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Beware…the Great Winged Grizzly!

June 26th, 2012

Sometimes….I am not a patient woman. 

Two years ago, we decided to raise funds to paint a mural on the 1st Street side of our theatre.  As more activity and traffic takes place on the boardwalk, we wanted to get noticed!  We commissioned our friend and artist Daniel Nyiri to design a mural for us – Daniel has designed many of our sets over the years and is an accomplished scenic artist, muralist and watercolorist.  He submitted several design options, which we – Clint and myself and the board – pondered and opinionated about for some time.

Many generous donations came in during that fundraiser, although we fell a bit short of our goals.  Back to the sketches – what can we afford?  Which one will work best?  Get approval from the landlord.  Talk to the city.  Look at more sketches.  Wait for another board meeting.  Look at the sketches again.

Time went by.  (Time is not something we have a lot of.  A volunteer staff producing five shows a year, plus our annual radio fundraiser, all the while reading scripts and planning the following year’s productions, has to squeeze in moments for those “extra” projects.)  It felt imperative to get something moving  – people donated money to a mural project, so we needed to have a mural.  We needed help and we didn’t know where to turn. 

Then – ta da! – one of our board members ran into Kati Texas, a local artist who leads the Rural Burl Mural Bureau, a project of the Ink People.  Katie offered her help – she had experience in these kinds of projects, in communicating with the city, and with presenting to the Design Review Board.  Kati, along with a couple of persistent board members, nudged the project along, until…..

The Great Winged Grizzly is about to appear!

The Great Winged Grizzly, by Daniel Nyiri

Work has actually now begun – Kati and the fine young people of the RBMB are currently doing the prep work on the wall, base painting, and then sketching out the basic design of the mural.  Daniel will then come in and do the painting, finishing and finessing.  Come by and see the progress!  (Better yet, come see a show and check out the mural while you’re here!)

Many thanks to Daniel, Kati, the terrific young people of the RBMB, and the RC board members who nudged this project along.

Thank you again to all who donated to the mural and other building improvements.  And if you haven’t had the chance to contribute, it’s not too late!  Donate online, send us a check, or come see our next production SHOW PEOPLE (July 5-28) and hand a donation directly to a member of our friendly house staff.

I’m still not a patient woman. 


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