Redwood Curtain: Vision / Mission / Goals

Vision statement
Redwood Curtain’s vision is to produce professional theatre of consistently extraordinary quality, creating a draw for the Arts Tourist to Humboldt County, and creating a home for theatre artists where they will be paid for their time and skills, and treated with respect.

Mission statement
The mission of Redwood Curtain theatre is to present the best plays of the contemporary theatre, and bold new interpretations of the classics, with a consistent drive towards quality and the fresh exploration of the human condition.

Values statements
Redwood Curtain values its artists. All members of the company are provided with a stipend to thank them for their time and talent. Production of plays is done in an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual respect. We value imagination, artistic freedom, professionalism and the collaborative process that is intrinsic to theatre.

Redwood Curtain values its audience. We desire to engage and challenge our audience through our work, learning from them while we expand our collective visions about the world we live in. We treat each audience member with dignity and respect. We want to exceed our patron’s expectations by providing them with the highest level of customer service.

Redwood Curtain values its contributors. We treat all of our members, contributors and volunteers with integrity, recognizing their gifts of money and time are an important statement about both their belief in Redwood Curtain and their sense of belonging.

Redwood Curtain values its community. We believe in being part of the community in which we reside. We are responsible to that community through our outreach activities, volunteer choices and City and County relationships. We are committed to demonstrating leadership, advancing art as a vehicle for bringing communities together.

Redwood Curtain values diversity. We believe that diverse ideas, cultures and traditions reflect the broad diversity of the nation and enrich our insights into the work we present on stage. We are committed to diversity in all areas of our work, including play selection, hiring, casting, marketing and public relations efforts, education programs, recruitment of volunteers, and the composition of the Board of Directors.

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